Friday, April 19, 2013

The Annual Death of the Little Blossoms






Oh, say can you see?

Old Tree Down

The water in my mare’s bucket was frozen this morning. The raucous storm that flooded the Midwest brought some light snow to our mountains; last night the temperature dropped to ten degrees. Typical of spring in New Mexico, this is what John Nichols calls “the annual death of the little blossoms.”

In El Prado I noticed an old dead tree blown down across from the post office, and another with the grass around it burned. I wonder if wind and lightning did that.

Luckily, in our deep valley the apple trees have better sense than to open their buds, so there’s still a chance we might get some fruit this year. (She said cautiously.)

AND, oh yes, we do need the precipitation!

(Photos all by Zander. Thanks, Zander!)


  1. Lovely piece and wonderful photos. I think I hear the earth slurping, "more more," she says.

  2. Phaedra! I am looking forward to seeing the new publishing project! Sounds wonderful, and I hope you will write your thoughts about it here. It is obviously a project so very close to your heart! Ann