Tuesday, December 15, 2015


Tonight my spirits rise in hope for a better world. The Paris climate talks have finally produced an agreement! I've been following the climate talks since the 1992 Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It's taken two decades but we can finally admit that climate change exists and we may actually have something to do with it. Therefore, we can do something about it!

I've been following Alan Vaughn, a journalist for The Guardian (the guardian.com/environment) who recently wrote: "I've just returned from Paris, where exhausted delegates from 195 countries agreed on the first ever universal deal on climate change.

There was no end of superlatives for the Paris Agreement. It would be a turning point in human history, transformative, momentous, historical, according to Francois Hollande, Ban Ki-moon, Al Gore and many other dignitaries in the French capital."

They are actually talking about abandoning fossil fuels and going green with renewable energy! Hurray! After twenty years of negotiations! It seems like a miracle.

The task we are asked to take on now is far more difficult than going to war. We, the human race, are being asked to come together in peace, to honor an agreement that recognizes that we are all connected, part of this beautiful planet, the veins and capillaries of a delicate ecosystem. We are called on to unite, to serve one global cause that will save our one and only home. We can do this. We have to! It's the next step in our moral and spiritual evolution.

Thank you, NASA, for this stunning image of our home planet. We are in this together!


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